Main Features

The WS-A70 combines traditional technologies with high-quality audio design suitable for the high-resolution era. This next-generation audio system offers new ways to interact with music in the Internet age.

We sought to realize a simple but never boring design by shaping beautiful natural walnut paneling with difficult to achieve curves. The left and right speakers incorporate TEAC original coaxial two-way units and rear passive radiators that reproduce rich and natural low frequencies. As a result, in a compact size we have realized high audio quality equal to that of a serious stereo system.

The speaker grills use textiles made by Nuno Corporation, which is managed by famous Japanese textile designer Reiko Sudo. We want you to enjoy the fusion of tradition and technology that is the goal of the New Vintage series.

As to be expected in this age of network audio, these systems support a wide variety of digital sources. The extensive network streaming playback functions include the Spotify Internet streaming service for high-quality audio, Google Play Music, which supports cloud services, and TuneIn, which enables listening to Internet radio from around the world for free. Along with streaming, you can listen to wireless playback of music from smartphones and easily enjoy audio libraries of various formats, including audio files saved on music servers on the same network and USB flash drives. The playback of these audio sources can be easily controlled using the dedicated free TEAC HR AirCast app for iOS and Android devices. With it, you can work with your own libraries as you like, including track selection, volume adjustment and playlist creation. A multiroom function also allows you to control multiple WS-A70 systems simultaneously. You can share your libraries throughout your home, eliminating the need to prepare audio sources in each room.

  • Network audio system combines an amplifier and speakers
  • Cabinet utilizes beautiful natural walnut paneling
  • Replaceable speaker grills use textiles made by Nuno Corporation (sold separately)
  • High-quality sound through the combination of coaxial two-way speakers and passive radiators
  • Diverse input options include Wi-Fi/wired LAN, AirPlay, Bluetooth®, USB flash drives and external inputs
  • Plays high-resolution audio sources up to 5.6MHz DSD and 192kHz/24-bit PCM
  • High-quality audio streaming with “Chromecast built-in,” which functions with Wi-Fi
  • Support for TuneIn, Spotify, Google Play Music, AWA and other music streaming services
  • Play high-resolution audio sources stored on media servers including NAS and PCs, as well as smartphones, tablets and USB flash drives
  • Easy operation using the TEAC HR AirCast network control app, which supports high-resolution audio sources

Technical Details
  • Network audio system combines an amplifier and speakers
  • Curved cabinet with paneling made of beautiful natural walnut material with an oil finish
  • Replaceable speaker grills use textiles made by Nuno Corporation (sold separately)
  • TEAC HR AirCast network control app supports high-resolution and is available free
  • Playback of audio sources with high resolutions up to 5.6MHz DSD and 192kHz/24-bit PCM possible
  • Wi-Fi and wired LAN supported
  • Built-in Bluetooth® receiver for direct reception from smartphones and tablets
  • AirPlay supported
  • Spotify, Google Play Music and other subscription audio streaming services supported1
  • TuneIn Internet radio reception
  • Chromecast-compatible apps supported
  • Multiroom support and display names of WS-A70 units on a network can be customized
  • Streaming playback of audio stored on music servers, including NAS and PC servers
  • Wireless playback of music files stored on smartphones and tablets
  • High-resolution audio source playback from USB flash drives
  • Gapless, shuffle and repeat (one song/all songs) playback options
  • Playlist creation and playback
  • Amplifier and speaker enclosure sections completely independent inside the cabinet
  • TEAC original coaxial two-way speakers
  • Passive radiators in the back of the system reproduce rich and natural low frequencies
  • Class-D power amplifier made by ICEpower has an established reputation
  • AK4490 D/A converter made by Asahi Kasei Microdevices
  • Optical digital and analog line inputs
  • Bass EQ (Flat/Enhanced) adjusts volume of low frequencies
  • Sleep timer (15, 30, 45, 60, 90 or 120 minutes)
  • Organic EL display with dimmer
  • Rotary aluminum control dial enables intuitive operation
  • Automatic power saving function (can be enabled/disabled)
  • Mode for waking up from standby can be selected
  • Fanless design maintains quiet environment
  • Product compliant with RoHS

1 Each streaming service requires separate account registration.

2 Use of the WS-A70 requires a smartphone or tablet with the TEAC HR AirCast (iOS or Android) app installed, and a wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) connected to the Internet.

Curved cabinet with beautiful natural walnut material

Starting with a solid cabinet and core materials that thoroughly eliminate unwanted resonance and standing waves, we used natural walnut paneling with beautiful grain patterns, finishing it with natural oil and employing a challenging process to give it a curved shape. Our goal was to create a simple design that never loses interest.

Moreover, the replaceable speaker grill is attached without using catch pins, so the design of the WS-A70 can be enjoyed without any disruption to its beautiful finish even when the grill is removed.

Replaceable speaker grills that use textiles made by Nuno Corporation (sold separately)

For the replaceable speaker grills, we have prepared options clad in textiles made by Nuno that fuse tradition and technology as is appropriate for this NEW VINTAGE line. Led by famous Japanese textile designer Reiko Sudo, Nuno Corporation creates textiles that infuse the beauty of traditional techniques even into modern expressions.

The plan is to increase the line up of speaker grills to adorn the WS-A70 with new designs added by Nuno to the collection every season.

About Nuno Corporation

Textile designer Reiko Sudo established this company in 1984 with the goal of combining traditional dyeing and weaving techniques with modern technologies to create textiles that are suited to the present age. Together with Nuno Works, the corporation is creating original textiles that combine new materials and techniques at dying and weaving sites but survive throughout Japan. Numerous works that they have created are in the permanent collections of major art museums in countries around the world, and many others decorate well-known commercial facilities and public spaces.

Rotary aluminum control dial enables intuitive operation

The interface adopted has a new feel that is suitable for new ways of experiencing music offered by network audio. The simple menu buttons and rotary control dial enable intuitive operation.

Various network sources supported

This system enables a vast range of musical experiences. In addition to the Spotify music streaming service known for its high audio quality and Google Music Play that supports cloud services, you can also use TuneIn, which allows you to enjoy over 120,000 Internet radio stations and 5.7 million podcast episodes from around the world, along with apps that support Chromecast. In particular, Spotify and Google Play Music, which provide different playlists for different situations, will keep playing curated tracks suitable for work, dining and other lifestyle scenes. Not only do these functions eliminate the need to select tracks, they are also excellent for playing background music at parties, for example, when used in combination with the multiroom function of the WS-A70.

Moreover, in addition to music servers on the same network (NAS1, computer2 set up as a media server), you can also play music files saved on smartphones and tablets. Numerous playback possibilities are created not only by gapless playback and repeat playback but also by shuffle playback.

Support for Bluetooth® and AirPlay

With support for Bluetooth® and AirPlay, you can also enjoy using your favorite music playback apps with direct wireless transmission to the WS-A70.

High-resolution audio playback from USB flash drives

Using the USB port on the back of the system, you can play all kinds of music files, including high-resolution audio sources, stored on USB flash drives. This feature allows you to easily enjoy the music that you have without using a music server or Internet streaming service.

TEAC HR AirCast network control app supports high-resolution audio sources

We have prepared a free dedicated app that allows you to control all the playback functions of the WS-A70 from iOS and Android devices. Along with streaming playback of audio files, including high-resolution sources, stored on the iOS or Android device, you can also use this to listen to various Internet services. These include Spotify, Google Play Music and other subscription music streaming services, as well as TuneIn Internet radio, which you can enjoy for free. We have employed a straightforward layout that can be used intuitively.

Two-way coaxial speaker in the TEAC tradition

We incorporated 2.5cm/13cm coaxial units that fully utilize TEAC two-way coaxial speaker technologies derived directly from our speakers, including the noted S-300, which has earned high praise as a compact bookshelf speaker for high-quality component systems, and the modern S-300HR. The coaxial arrangement of the central tweeter that reproduces high frequencies and the woofer that reproduces low frequencies ensures outstanding soundstage positioning without delays between high and low frequencies from every listening position. We have applied our expertise not only to the speaker units, but also to numerous details, including the structural design and volume calculations of the system cabinet that encloses them. We designed the WS-A70 speaker enclosure to be completely isolated from the amplifier, power supply, control circuit board and other components. This is exactly the same independent structure that is used in the speaker cabinets of ordinary component stereo systems.

Moreover, the placement of the passive radiators in the back of the system along the same axes as the speaker units enables the generation of rich natural low frequencies equivalent to speaker units with apertures that are a size larger.

38W+38W maximum output with ICEpower Class-D power amplifier

This system uses the same Class-D amplifier made by ICEpower A/S that we use in the TEAC NR-7CD flagship model. This amp is able to further enhance the outstanding soundstage positioning of the coaxial two-way speakers. Moreover, this amp generates almost no heat because its energy conversion rate is high, allowing it to operate efficiently inside the closed cabinet.

AK4490 D/A converters that are highly evaluated for audio quality

The VERITA AK4490 D/A converters, which are made by Asahi Kasei Microdevices, used in these systems support audio sources of high resolutions up to 5.6MHz DSD and 192kHz/24-bit PCM. These converters can process the great amounts of data in high-resolution audio sources with room to spare, and reproduce smooth analog waveforms that are close to the original sounds.

Optical digital and RCA inputs

This system supports both digital (rectangular optical connector) and analog (RCA) input from other devices. For example, you could connect a record player (that has built-in phono EQ) or a portable audio player to the analog input connectors and a CD player or TV audio output to the digital input connector.

Bass EQ (Flat/Enhanced) to adjust low-frequency volume

Along with the combination of coaxial two-way speakers and passive radiators, this system has a Bass EQ circuit for the production of pleasant natural sound even during low-volume playback. This can be turned on and off as you like.

Organic EL display with dimmer

The built-in organic EL display has excellent legibility. Along with the high contrast of the organic EL, the use of a large font makes the display easy for everyone to read. The brightness can be set to one of four levels to suit the atmosphere of your room. (The brightness of the ring around the control dial is also linked to this setting.)

Sleep timer (15, 30, 45, 60, 90 or 120 minutes)

The sleep timer, which can be set up to 120 minutes, allows you to drift to sleep while listening to your favorite music. This can be set using the system’s controller.

Automatic power saving function

The automatic power saving function will put the unit into standby if no operation occurs and sound input stops for a long time (20 minutes). The automatic power saving function can be enabled or disabled as necessary. Moreover, according to the system connections, one of two modes can be chosen to wake the unit from standby automatically.

PS1: The unit will turn on when playback starts from a smartphone or tablet or audio is input through the Digital In or Line In connectors.

PS2: The unit will turn on automatically only when playback starts from a smartphone or tablet. This mode reduces standby power consumption more than PS1 mode.